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The Nature of a Soil

On numerous occasions, we consider ourselves equals or even superior to our peers, course mates and colleagues at work. There is also the assurance that we are better than others in terms of intellect, time management, human relations, public speaking confidence and understanding of our company’s goals , product and services.

However, the rewards recieved do not always match our expectations.
To take the soil test, we must know the purpose to which we have been commissioned, your religion, faith and beliefs being part of that commissioning. We must understand that being born to that particular family, village, town and state, the country and continent are also inclusive is for a purpose beneficial to the society other than ourselves.
It is a known fact that the best soil for cultivation is loamy soil . This soil can be found majorly in the rural settlements and it’s very viable for agricultural purposes and as such has high value for agricultural use, if such soil decides to contest for oil exploration use, it’s going to get torn apart and wasted without any result. Soil in the South-South region of this country should not venture into agricultural use as it has been tainted by nature, but it has an enviable higher economic value than the agricultural land. This is very applicable to people in their daily endeavors,that is not to say one cannot achieve something if determination is present, but we must strive at what we are designed to do and attain excellence in such.

Furthermore, you might have been beaten by nature with some natural disadvantages, like money, family influence and societal connection. However, with poper self discovery one can unearth capabilities that supercede all these disadvantages and catapult one to success.
Conclusively, We are differently endowed for different purposes in life, we must not compare our present achievement with that of our others. The yardstick of our success is our purpose in life, thus, what might be success for you might not be for me. A monkey should not kill itself for loosing a swimming competition to an fish, that’s not it’s purpose.
Also, despite the existence of difficult impediments, when we discover what we have been called to fulfill in life and explore opportunities all around us, we will see that this recessive economy can be the best chance we could ever get to be great in life.

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  • Adewole Adeniran

    16.08.2016 at 12:04 Reply

    We are indeed differently wired for different purposes, it is left for us to discover our place in life and thus discover our greatness.

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